Controls integration

Besides the conveyor hardware, LOGOMAT also offers turn-key solutions for all their Conveyor Series, which incorporate full controls integration, including the software and the piping and wiring. The performance of an assembly line can be more failure resistant, more efficient and easier to maintain if the controls concept and the software are optimized.

Our 25 year experience with the LOGO!MAT Transfer Systems, the mechanical background of all design wise incorporated functions and the knowledge of the trafficking requirements led us to develop the LOGO!MAT Intelligent Terminal Box [ITB] Controls Concept.

Just a few great advantages of the LOGO!MAT ITBs for you as an user:

  • NO controls design costs
  • NO piping and wiring costs
  • NO software development
  • A huge variety of communication interfaces for external machinery
  • Unlimited possibilities for extensions or re-configurations
  • Optimized and bug fixed, open coded software package, including all emergency recover and start up routines
  • Efficient and smart trafficking

Please contact our Sales Engineers Team for more detailed information about our LOGO!MAT ITB Controls Concept and the performance and cost saving benefits as a total package for your next conveyor system.