The LOGO!MAT E-CART - Series conveyor system is a, heavy duty conveyor with powder coated steel frame for large and heavy assemblies. The track consists of a static steel structure with no moving parts. The self-driven electrical E-Carts take their 48 V power and signal for the drive through integrated power rails in the frame structure. Power for additional motions and applications on the pallets can be supplied by an optional second power rail. Continuous flow or stop and go traffic can be realized. The LOGO!MAT ITB controls concept takes care of the traffic and pallet control and communicates to the main PLC. Turns and diverts are created by Track Rotates, and stop stations can be relocated and added all over the line.

With the available widths of 700 and a rail height of 220 - 800 mm that can be achieved, the E-CART System is flexible to adapt to different tooling concepts. A safety bumper system allows safe manual workstations around the moving pallets, even for heavy parts. Adding or rearranging the track is just framework. Pallets can be taken off and roll on their own wheels. Tooling plates of all different conveyor systems can be picked up and transferred on the E-CART to allow interfaces with different types of conveyors. Crossing the line, even for repeatedly material supply, is safe and easy due to its stiff, strong and low profile structure. The system is popular and known for its low maintenance, high availability and excellent reliability.


Huge variety of standard components directly out of the rack.

See some application samples - pictures and videos - of the LOGO!MAT Conveyor for a quick overview.