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Electrical adjustments may only be made by authorized technicians and only when the Crank-Arm Elevator is mechanically locked and disconnected from its electrical supply.

To guarantee a safe and efficient operation, the LOGO!MAT Crank-Arm Elevator must be equipped with the specified sensors or their equivalent.

All roller plunger limit switches have to be mounted at their respective positions and have to be adjusted in height as well as in their switch distance. All cables must be protected against scrubbing and accidental removal. The upper and lower limit switches turn the drive motor off when activated. As soon as the limit switch that protects the Crank-Arm Elevator from overrunning is activated...

Crank Arm Elevator Electrical inst

The clamping set, which mounts the crank-arm to the drive shaft, is installed with the mandatory torque of 41 Nm per mounting bolt when it gets delivered.

After loosening the mounting bolts, this torque must be applied again (use a torque wrench) to prevent the crank-arm from spinning. Furthermore, it is necessary to check the torque approximately every 500 hours of operation and it must be re-adjusted if necessary.

Further information and details about the clamping set and its adjustments can be found in the manufacturer’s documentation (KTR).

Crank Arm Elevator Adjustments


The installation of the Crank-Arm Elevator may only be performed by authorized and qualified personnel. If there are any damages caused by the transportation of the Crank-Arm Lift, log these damages and inform LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. immediately. Do not operate or install the Crank-Arm Elevator if there are any damages. 
Move the Crank-Arm Elevator to one of its stop positions (up / down) and make sure that it sits on the ground solidly. 
For the installation of the Crank-Arm Elevator, please proceed as follows:
  1. Place the conveyor and the Crank-Arm Elevator on the floor according to the layout.
  2. Place the Crank-arm Elevator so that the distance between the track section on...

  3. Crank Arm Elevator Mechanical inst

  4. Crank Arm Elevator Mechanical inst anchoring points

LOGO!MAT Crank-Arm Elevator
LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc.

Manufacturer Item No.:

Aluminum, hardened steel, galvanized and powder coated steel

Electrical components:
Drive unit: SEW three-phase gear motor with brake
Roller plunger limit switches (necessary and optionally available): Top / bottom and crank-arm (overun protection)


The Power Supply does not switch on.

Root Cause:
AC power is not supplied sufficiently.
Remedial Action:
Check the wiring and the status of the AC power. Measure if power is coming to the terminal.
Root Cause:
The shutdown contact is active
Remedial Action:
Take the shutdown signal off.


The Power Supply is off but the brake shopper lights up

Root Cause:
Someone is moving an E-CART on the line, generating energy
Remedial Action:
Move the E-CART slowly


The Power Supply lights up red and no 48V is present

Root Cause:
There is a shortcut somewhere in the outgoing circuit
Remedial Action:

All LOGO!MAT Components are developed to make very little preservative maintenance neces-sary but all components will last way longer if the following tasks get do in the shown intervals. The maintenance and inspection work listed below is to be carried out at the listed intervals to keep the warranty and to follow up constantly if the LOGO!MAT Component is working well. Any defects found must be documented and fixed before operating again. All time specifications are based on single-shift operations.

With an interval of six (6) months the following preservative maintenance should be carried out:
  1. Check all cable connections inside at the terminal.
  2. Clean the inside of the Power Supply if dust is...

If a Power Supply or any part inside fails, it has to be replaced completely. There are no separate spare parts available but LOGOMAT does offer a refurbish program where we will check the Power Supply and replace the required component. It will be tested and adjusted before it will go back to our customer. Please contact our customer support for further information and / or quotes.
DANGER!!! High AC voltage present at each power supply. Make sure that you lock out the power before working on the power supply box.
Please proceed according to the following steps to replace a power supply in an E-CART Conveyor System:
  1. Make sure that the complete system is switched off and safely secured...

The Power Supply itself and the brake shopper have red and green status lights. The Power Supply lights up green if everything is ok and if it is on. The red light comes on if the Power Supply detected a short cut or an overload.

The brake shopper does show a green power light which can be seen through the front window of the power supply front cover. A red state light comes on if there is over power which gets directed into the resistor. The error light comes on if anything is not right with the circuit.


All terminals are located behind the cover in the front of the complete Power Supply housing. The AC power will enter and the 48V power cables will exit at the rear of the housing through the cable track connector. The AC power input is on the left of the mounting bolt (-X1 in the wiring diagram) and the complete right side of the terminal is used for outputs (-X2 and –X3 in the wiring).

Please refer to the wiring diagram in the Annex of that document for all terminal definitions.

E CART Power Supply Connections


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