To shorten the drive chain, please proceed as follows:
  1. Disconnect the electrical supply of the entire conveyor system and secure against reconnection.
  2. Remove the top rail extrusion above the drive station.
  3. Turn the fan of the drive motor in the direction of flow to drive the conveyor manually until a master link is visible (zinced).
    CAUTION: There is a residual danger because of the non covered chain drive.
  4. Remove the clear front cover of the drive station and release the chain tensioner. Lock it in that position with an adequate device.
  5. Open the master link, and pull the chain to tension and shorten the excessive chain.
  6. Reconnect both chain ends with the master link. Pay attention to the correct orientation and style of the master link: The lock of the master link leads towards the bottom rail extrusion, the locking plate faces into the direction of the conveyor flow.
  7. Re-tension the chain and reset the chain tensioner.
  8. Mount the clear front cover and install the top rail extrusion piece. Please ensure that the chain guide and the guide strip are installed correctly. Install all chain covers correctly and completely again.
  9. Run the conveyor system and check the tension of the chain at the chain tensioner. If the chain tensioner is almost at its far end, the chain has to become shortened by another chain link.
  10. Check the chain tension after two hours of operation again.

  11. Drive Unit Shortening drive chain long tensioner