Please position and secure the pallet upside down for a better handling.
To change the pallet stop insert, please proceed as follows:
  1. De-install and remove the attachment bolts and the lock washers of the stop insert.
  2. Remove the stop insert with the return stop flapper with suitable tools.
  3. Insert the new stop insert and the return stop flapper in the intended opening. Make sure that the PU damping strips are inserted and the stop insert is even on the bottom of the cut-out.
  4. Insert and tighten the attachment bolts with the lock washers. Make sure that the heads of the screws do not protrude beyond the stop insert, and that the bolts are not over tightened as they are bolted into an aluminum thread.
  5. Check the function of the return stop flapper and its movement.

    Pallet Replacing stop insert